Join Organic Wine Week - 19 to 25 September

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This year is the fifth Organic Wine Week in New Zealand and it's looming faster than you can read this and pour yourself a glass of wine.

The event is run by Organic Winegrowers New Zealand and this year it runs from Monday 19 to Sunday 25 September.

Organic winemakers can only use the 'o' word, if their grapes and winemaking practices are certified organic. Most of the time this is by BioGro New Zealand but other independent organisations can also approve organic certified practices. The tastings, activities and events nwill run throughout the country, including organic wine tastings at Regional Wines where we will have a focus on high quality certified organic wines from around the world.   

Join us in store and online for our organic wine focus from Monday 19 September for the week. 

Read our newsletter each week (free to sign up to, if you haven't already) for more on the tastings we'll hold to promote this great week on the New Zealand wine calendar. 

Organic Wine Week is an opportunity for people from all over the globe to come together to share, learn and sample New Zealand organic wine.

“There has been a major upswing in demand for organic wine over recent years and the conversation is definitely changing in favour of organics.  Consumers want to know what is going into their wine, where it comes from, how it is grown and the impact on the environment,” says Clive Dougall, chair of the producers’ association Organic Winegrowers New Zealand.

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