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We’re big fans of Whitehaven Wines here at Regional because the wines are as compelling as the romantic love story behind them. We heard about the story and the winery’s humble beginnings in 1994 at a virtual tasting on this month’s International Sauvignon Blanc Day, hosted by our resident wine adviser and wine writer Joelle Thomson…

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The story of Whitehaven Wines

When Sue and Greg White decided to settle in Marlborough, they were drawn by the beauty and shelter of the Marlborough Sounds when they were living on their yacht; a refuge and a break from corporate life. They took shelter in the Sounds from Pacific storms, with their six month old baby daughter, Sam, in tow. 

The safety that the Sounds provided was one thing, its alluring beauty was next level and they soon found it so restful, they decided to take a break from the sea and recreate their lives on dry land, only this time they would do something different than work in the corporate world. They had decided to plant grapes, make wine and build a winery. Greg passed away a few years ago, leaving Sue at the helm, if you’ll excuse the pun, and along with her winemaker, she and the team produce an exceptional range of wines. They are 100% Marlborough grown (Whitehaven is a member of Appellation Marlborough Wine; AMW) and while Sauvignon Blanc rules the roost - as it does for most wineries in Marlborough - the rest of the range inspiringly over delivers on flavour. Riesling, Pinot Gris, Rosé and an outstanding range of Pinot Noirs from the everyday tasty Mansion House Bay Pinot Noir to complex Whitehaven Pinot Noir to classically styled, elegant, spicy, long lived Greg Pinot Noir – named after Greg.

PS: Whitehaven Wines are EXCLUSIVELY AVAILABLE ONLY at Regional Wines & Spirits in the greater Wellington region.

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2016 Whitehaven Pinot Noir $29.99  brilliant, spicy, savoury wine

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2016 Whitehaven Greg Pinot Noir $59.99  complex, ageworthy

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