Top dry white from beautiful Marche in Italy

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We are thrilled to welcome back Plenio, one of the best dry whites from central Italy's beautiful Marche region. 

Plenio is the top white wine from Umani Ronchi, a winery based in the beautiful coastal region of Marche in central Italy. It is made entirely from Verdicchio, a white grape variety that is used to make high quality white wines and can also be used to make sparkling wine, thanks to its refreshing acidity which is one of the hallmarks of the variety. This wine is also a Riserva, which Italian wine law stipulates must be aged for a minimum period of 18 months, of which at least six must be in bottle. The name of the wine comes from the Latin word, Plenum and is intended to suggest characteristics of fullness, complexity and structure. All of which encapsulate the qualities that Plenio has in spades. 

This wine was first made in 1995 from a plot in the winery’s Villa Bianchi Vineyard but it is now made from vines grown at higher altitude of 250 to 350 metres above sea level, near to the village of Cupramontana. The altitude helps to preserve higher acidity in the grapes and wine. All grapes are hand harvested between the end of September and the first 10 days of October. The grapes are lightly pressed then the must is cooled for fermentation, which takes place in 60% stainless steel and 40% large oak casks of 5000 litres. About 10 to 15% of the wine goes through malolactic fermentation, which adds creamy notes to the wine, which is then aged for 12 months on lees before bottling. It is aged for a further six months in bottle before release.

The winemakers at Umani Ronchi recommend drinking Plenio in medium to large glasses to enjoy its full bodied style, rich aromas and smoothness.

"Plenio is a wine to be appreciated for its lingering persistence and for its richness of perfumes and aromas, which combine with the elegance of great whites to make it a unique wine." Umani Ronchi.

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