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Volcanic wines are hot, literally. It’s no secret that Mount Etna in Sicily, the Canary Islands and the Yamanashi region near Mount Fuji are all home to some of the world’s most diverse and exciting wines, which is why one of the leading authorities on volcanic wines is coming to New Zealand to host tastings on Saturday 28 July and Sunday 29 July.

Volcanic wines at Regional...

Regional Wines & Spirits has a growing number of high quality wines from volcanic wine regions, particularly Mt Etna on Sicily and from the Canary Islands.

Buy Sicily's Girolamo Russo volcanic wine here...

And buy Sicilian I Vigneri (old vines) volcanic white here...

The above wines are the tip of a longer iceberg of hot reds and whites from volcanic soils. Come in store and ask for more.


The Auckland tasting in August...


Master Sommelier John Szabo will lead two tastings on volcanic wines at the New Zealand School of Food & Wine’s annual W&F Celebration.

He was the first Canadian to add the letters MS (Master Sommelier) to his name, in 2004, and has since written Volcanic Wines, Salt Grit and Power – a book about volcanic wine regions.

Auckland is a fitting city to host Szabo since the greater Auckland region’s volcanic field has at least 52 volcanoes. The city’s scoria cones range from 10 to 120 meters in height, contributing an unexplored aspect to Auckland’s wine terroir.

“The question is how we can enhance the reputations of wines grown in the Auckland region, given most of this region’s wineries are on volcanically derived sedimentary rock,” says Celia Hay of the NZ School of Food & Wine.

Szabo will speak at the school’s annual Wine & Food Celebration on Saturday 27July and Sunday 28 July in central Auckland.

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