Organic rosé from central Italy

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Summer of rosé at Regional means special discounts on great pink wines, which may look similar in colour but can vary wildly in flavour, raw ingredients (the grape varieties the wines are made from) and even the style of the finished pink wine in question. Contrary to popular urban myth, pale colour does not mean the wine is dry, just as a deep pink colour does not necessarily equate with a sweet style.

What does the colour indicate, then? This is one of my most frequently asked questions when selling pink wine in store here at Regional and also in my work as an independent wine writer.

The colour in pink wines indicates the length of time that the grapes spent on their skins, which carry the colour compounds as well as tannins. This means that lighter coloured wines may also be lighter in body and weight, given that they tend to have lower tannins levels.

There is a trend towards pale colour and dry rosé, however, which is global and does often mean that pale and dry can meet face to face. 

This week's wine is a stunning little number from Central Italy, which is made from grapes grown on south east to south west facing slopes in the Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo DOC, a production area known as Vasto, Monteodorisio, Casalbordino. Vines here are grown on a spurred cordon system and are 100% certified organic and also hand harvested.

The wine was vinified off skins in stainless steel at a cool 16 degrees Celcius, intentionally cool to preserve fruit flavours and purity. The result is a fruit forward, soft and savoury wine with refreshing moderate acidity adding length and drive to the palate.

It’s also 12.5% ABV, making it a medium style, which adds to the refreshing qualities of this next level Italian rosé, which is certified organic and punches way above its price level.

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And join us in store on Wednesday from 1pm to taste this pink beauty.

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