Organic Week Aotearoa, 29 May

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Education is key in the second annual Organic Week Aotearoa, which starts on Monday 29 April and runs through to 5 May.

The week long organic campaign will focus on educating New Zealanders to build awareness of what defines organic products from food, wine and non alcoholic beverages through to clothing, gardens and the wider picture of organics.

“By definition ‘organic’ is avoiding or excluding the use of synthetic fertilisers, pesticides, antibiotics, growth modification and irradiation – but it’s so much more than that. We use organic agricultural methods to work with the land to create sustainable soil making it more fertile and biodiverse. Healthy soil, healthy food, healthy people.” says Marion Wood, spokesperson for Organic Week Aotearoa and Soil & Health Association Director.

The organic market is the fastest growing multi-food sector in the world, says Wood.

Demand is being driven by consumers who want sustainable, ethical and authentic products that are good for them and easy on the planet.

“Globally people are becoming more conscious about the effects their actions can have on the planet and are starting to realise that organics is a solution to a more sustainable future.

Organic Winegrowers NZ 

* Organic WInegrowers New Zealand (OWNZ) is an organisation run by members who are passionate about organic and biodynamic wine.

* The aim is to produce wine that are made from grapes grown with no synthetic chemical fertilisers, pesticides or herbicides.

* Organic wines are made using natural products rather than man made ones.

* Biodynamic grape growers work closely with the rhythmic phases of the sun, moon and planets to maximise their influence on plant growth.

* OWNZ is not a certified organic trademark but it works closely with members to encourage certification with BioGro, AsureQuality and Demeter New Zealand.

* Find out more about OWNZ here: 

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Organic Week Aotearoa runs from 29 April to 5 May

* The programme will kick off with an organic market in Britomart, Auckland on Monday 29 April with stalls sampling and selling organic products from

* Ceres Organics

* Kokako Coffee

* Almighty juices

* Community garden initiative OMG

* Organic markets are expected around the country includie an Organic Extravaganza hosted by Martinborough organic clothing brand Thunderpants as well as workshops on organic gardening, natural skin care through to feasts such as the organic degustation hosted by Bostock Brothers and Villa Maria Winery in Hawkes Bay.


Find out more about Organic Week Aotearoa online

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