Vinho Verde... our newest dry white in store

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Upping the ante… Dry delicious European whites

It’s the biggest, most northern and wettest wine region in Portugal so it’s hardly surprising that its name refers to its verdant green rolling hills. We’re talking Vinho Verde…

This is the most northern wine region in Portugal. It’s home to many sub regions too, all of which are named after rivers or towns. They are Ave, Amarante, Baião, Basto, Cávado, Lima, Monção, Melgaço, Paiva and Sousa.

The climate in this region is warm and maritime with high rainfall but some areas with a drier micro climate than others, thanks to the proximity of hills, which protect otherwise rainy areas from the prevailing westerly weather.

While most of the wine made in Vinho Verde is white, the winemakers in this region’s DOC (legally defined wine region) are permitted to produce red Vinho Verde and also sparkling wines, which have been allowed here since 1999.

The wines of Vinho Verde generally high have acidity, which gives them refreshing flavours. They tend to be low in alcohol and characterised by a light to medium body.
The best known are white and made from the traditional Vinho Verde white grapes Arinto, Avesso, Alvarinho, Loureiro and Trajadura.

This week we launch a new dry European white in store from this northern Portuguese wine region. It’s the first Vinho Verde we’ve had in at least the last couple of years – it’s a great white for the long, languorous summer we’re enjoying right now…

Pop in this Wednesday to taste the 2017 Pluma Vinho Verde, on special at $18.99 for the week. It will usually cost $20.99.

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