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Rediscovering great reds from far flung places...

Argentina’s signature grape was introduced to the country’s biggest wine region, Mendoza, by Frenchman Michel Pouget in the mid 1850s, but has since been discovered to have enormous diversity, something the Catena family is spear heading research into. This is resulting in a wider range of Malbec styles for wine lovers to enjoy.

The Catena family has arguably done more for the quality and reputation of both Malbec and the Argentinian wine industry than any other company. Its headquarters is in Mendoza at the foot of the majestic Andes Mountains and this is one of their accessibly priced, extremely high quality expressions of Malbec.

The Catena family, in conjunction with researchers form IBAM (Mendozan Agricultural Biology Institute) and UC Davis, have characterized – genetically and phenotypically - more than 130 individual variations of Malbec. The project is allowing the researchers to find certain Malbec clones that adapt better to certain regions, enabling them to offer the consumer different flavour profiles, while respecting the classic character of the Malbec variety.

These variations are further accentuated by the country's enormous diversity of vineyards high up in the foothills of the Andes where hot days and high sunshine hours accentuate ripening and cool nights slow it down. This inimitable combination of growing conditions provides exceptionally high quality, distinctive tasting grapes which retain elegance and refreshing qualities thanks to the cool evening temperatures, which prevent the grapes from baking in the heat. 

If you're a fan of big bold full bodied dry red wine, search through our range of Malbec here.

These wines are ideal for the chilly winter nights we are now in the midst of and the provide refreshing, complex drinking for wine lovers year round. 

We hope you enjoy them during the winter season as much as we have enjoyed rediscovering and learning more about them during lockdown.

But these wines here.


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