Akashi 4YO White Wine Cask Finish 40% 500ml

Akashi 4YO White Wine Cask Finish 40% 500ml

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To produce this release of Akashi Single Malt Whisky, the White Oak distillery aged this whisky in Cognac barrels for 3 and a half years before refining it for 10 months in barrels of white wine from the Akashi vineyard in Yamanashi County. The result is a Single Malt without cold staining or filtration, which has a nice balance and focused on woody and fruity notes.

Located in the city of Akashi in the Hyogo Prefecture, by the seaside of the Seto Island Sea is the White Oak Distillery. This distillery was founded in 1888 by Eigashima Shuzo and has been producing Sake and Shochu every since. In 1919, Eigashima Shuzo obtained a license to manufacture whisky and when the company moved to their current facilities in 1984, the White Oak Distillery was born.

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