Altitude Brewing Board Meeting Pineapple Hazy 440ml

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With so many hop heavy hazy IPA's taking the descriptor of pineapple we thought why not boost this with actual pineapple. Nothing better than the real thing for making flavour and aroma! We took a nice, light and sweet malt base with plenty of creamy oats and a bit of lactose and created a hazy IPA by stuffing it full of pineapplely hops. Nectaron, citra and simcoe. Then when it wasn't quite finished we then stuffed it with 15kg of Freeze dried pineapple - equivalent to 150kg of fresh pineapple! Pouring a beautiful light yellow colour with a clean haze, this beer is juice-centric and has plenty of tangy pineapple flowing out mixed in with some stonefruit and pine notes. A full body, lots of fruit flavour and a mellow bitterness round of the flavour.

6.1% ABV.

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