Alvear Fino Sherry CB 375ml

Alvear Fino Sherry CB 375ml

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A classic dry fino that tastes like sherry, but is made made from the Pedro Xim?nez grape (rather than, more typically, Palomino) and is completely unfortified as well as coming from Montilla-Moriles rather than Jerez, which is the city where sherry comes from. 

This wine was made following the traditional solera ageing system in barrels and was aged under a veil of natural yeast known as the flor - exactly like sherry. This gives the wine its distinctive flavours of toasted almonds, olives and salty tang, finishing on a clean and refreshing flavour note.

It is one of the rare wines which will happily partner dishes containing vinegar. Pair it with jam?n serrano, mussels, salted Marcona almonds, marinated olives, croquettes, clams or gazpac

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