Amrut Fusion X Single Malt 50% 700ml

Amrut Fusion X Single Malt 50% 700ml

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Amrut Fusion X (ten), a special, limited-edition single malt whisky was launched on the November 25 in honour of the 10th anniversary of Amrut Distilleries. Amrut whiskies are a connoisseur?s delight. Especially for the discerning patron is the Amrut Fusion X. The Fusion whisky has been matured in sherry casks imported from Spain, for four years. While the base remains the familiar Fusion, its treatment gives whisky lovers a whole new flavour profile to enjoy. On the first sip, the whisky gives you marzipan, vanilla, and citrus on the palate, followed by peat that comes through and lingers on. I sampled it neat and a little later with a cube of ice and enjoyed the lingering peat flavours. 

Amrut Fusion X is a collectable. It is a very limited bottling of 1010 bottles released internationally.

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