Amrut Spectrum 004 Single Malt 50% 700ml

Amrut Spectrum 004 Single Malt 50% 700ml

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Amrut Spectrum 004, a Single Malt Whisky by Amrut aged in a special cask made of 4 different Oaks.

Riding on the wave of the Spectrum 005 (launched in 2016), one of the most sought after brands in the Single Malt world, Amrut is delighted to announce the launch of the Spectrum 004, a whisky aged yet again in a custom built barrel. The 'Spectrum' series is one of a kind in the world, an unparalleled innovation using a barrel that is made not using one kind of oak staves but four different types.

To make the Spectrum 004, a two part maturation technique has been employed, the first being maturation of New Make spirit in ex-Bourbon casks followed by transferring the aged spirit into the custom barrels. The custom barrels are made with 4 different kinds of staves , new American Oak with Char level 3, new French Oak with light toasting, ex-Olorosso staves and ex-PX Sherry staves. The aforementioned barrel has equal proportions of all four kinds of staves arranged in a one-after-the-other manner lending their own characteristics and complexities to the malt coming into its own on the nose and the palate.

 It begins its maturation in bourbon barrels, before being finished in cask made with four types of oak - Oloroso Sherry oak staves, Pedro Ximenez Sherry oak staves, new French oak and new American oak.Tasting Spectrum 004 is jammy and syrupy affair, and you?ll experience a cloud of mild spice dust that is quite lovely. The dust is enveloped by vanilla pudding and a creamy texture and there are juicy sultanas with an aromatic mask joined by the mildest hint of phenol and a perfect degree of wood tone. To finish, the whisky is brilliantly refreshing with a minty shade, ending with a sweet tone.

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