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Quarts de Chaume is famous from its delicious wines made from the great Chenin Blanc grape in the Loire Valley in Central France. Domaine Baumard is one of, if not, the best producers. All of the wines are sealed with screwcaps to preserve the freshness of this outstanding grape variety, which is insanely beautifully balanced here by refreshing acidity which is naturally high in the Chenin Blanc grape - and carries residual sweetness in the wine superbly. 

If you're looking for a special wine, here it is- and it can age for 10+ years and then some. When it is stored well, old Chenin is like old Riesling; almost bulletproof and certainly likely to develop a depth and breadth of flavour that is almost unrivalled.

The name Quarts de Chaume comes from a tradition that dates back to the middle ages when farmers were required to pay one quarter of the proceeds from their harvests to the Seigneur, keeping the remaining three quarters for themselves, which accounts for the ‘s’ in Quarts de Chaume. 

The area’s geology is schist and pudding sandstone with a south facing location overlooking the Layon River where the morning mists are ideal for the development of noble rot.

Aging potential unrivalled

When stored well, wines such as this one can age for at least 10 years to an indefinite period from good vintages.

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