Brugge Tripel 750ml

Brugge Tripel 750ml

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Brugge Tripel has a beautiful golden blonde color and a sturdy, rocky foam that leaves a drawing of Bruges lace on the glass. The aroma has a typical phenolic smoked touch and the taste is bitter, rich and creamy.

The secret of the Brugge Tripel city beer lies in its own composition of the herb mix "gruut", which enriches its taste and aroma. In Bruges, anyone who brewed beer was obliged to use a "gruut" and purchase it in the urban herb house, called "Gruuthuse". Jan van Brugge and his descendants, who were later called Van Gruuthuse, were given a monopoly on the sale of Bruges 'gruut' until the late 16th century. At the same time, taxes were levied in favor of the Count of Flanders. This medieval tradition is continued in BRUGGE Tripel.

8.7% ABV

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