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We're thrilled to have grown our range of tasty Portuguese wines at Regional pretty significantly over the past three years. And this cheeky little red is the tip of a long iceberg of big bold red wines, in this case a field blend of over 10 different grape varieties. 

The main grapes in this blend are Touriga Nacional (aka queen of Portuguese reds), along with the better French red grapes, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon. Each of these three powerful red grapes adds oomph and power to this wine, providing it with a full body, dry flavours and earthy complexity. 

We think that Confidencial offers great value for money and has layers of flavours, which will improve over time in the bottle, but also drink incredibly well right now. Decant and serve in your best big wine glass. 

Portugal is the most western country in Europe and home to a diverse range of wines from crisp dry whites in the maritime north to full bodied reds from the hot south, with many delicious variations in between. 

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