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This is an aged release from Dog Point Vineyards in Marlborough and shows how well great Sauvignon Blanc can age when given half the chance.  

Section 94 is one of New Zealand great white wines, made from a small portion of vineyard land that was named Section 94 on the country's original lands and survey map. It's the brainchild of the highly experienced viticulturist-winemaking duo, Ivan Sutherland (one time Olympic medal winning rower) and James Healy, who treat the grapes to 100% barrel fermentation in new French oak and then mature the wine in the same barrel, prior to release. 

Complex, nutty aromas and a full bodied dry white wine is the result. It drinks well on release and can also age, as this example shows. It is 100% Sauvignon Blanc but is not labelled with the varietal as Sutherland and Healy want to highlight what's possible from the land first and foremost.

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