Gedeelte Vin John 2018 500ml

Gedeelte Vin John 2018 500ml

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Winemaker's notes...

Our own Sauvignon Blanc grapes are used which were planted in 2002 even though Savagnin grapes are traditionally used.

After harvesting, the grapes are crushed and left exposed to the skin for several hours. Hereafter, the grapes are pressed and transferred to temporary tanks for a couple of days until moved to French oak barrels.

Due to our natural climate, temperature and culture in the cellar, we are able to produce this Jura-style wine using French Oak barrels to allow the wine to form a veil to naturally mature until the final bottling process.

This Johra matures after a period of a little over three years, which is notably shorter than the maturing of the famous "Vin Jaune" wine, which traditionally could take as long as six years or more to reach its maturity.

? John Bouwer, Winemaker

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