Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA 355ml

Sierra Nevada Torpedo Extra IPA 355ml

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Torpedo Extra IPA takes its name from the device that Sierra Nevada invented to dry hop the beer adding aromatic oils to the conditioning brew without adding undue bitterness. Torpedo IPA utilizes Magnum, Crystal and the new Citra hop varieties in the whole cone form. Torpedo pours a brilliant gold with a healthy white head. On the nose there are complex layers of tropical fruit, grapefruit, orange, black pepper, and a herbaceous green note. In the mouth the beer is a raging advertisement for American hops, layers of citrus and piney resin are built upon a solid malt backbone. Finally there is a long dry finish. This is the ultimate beer for spicy cuisine. 

Try it with a Thai curry or spicy barbequed food.

7.2% ABV

Expiry date: 2023/05/10

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