Tantalus Estate Ecluse Merlot Cabernets 2019

Tantalus Estate Ecluse Merlot Cabernets 2019

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Commercial description

A Tantalus is a small wooden cabinet that contains two or three decanters of precious wine, for which there is a lock and key.  The Tantalus prevents unauthorised people from opening the cabinet and drinking its contents, while allowing the bottles? beauty to be on display. With a key to the Tantalus wines, one obtains access to the secrets of the treasures held within. All of the Tantalus reserve wines have names referring to the origins of Tantalus... An Ecluse allows boats to pass through bodies of water at differing levels. Unlock the Ecluse and let your glass take you on the most amazing journey.

Made up of Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Malbec, the Ecluse pours a deep garnet with a bright carmine ring. This Cabernet blend elegantly displays pure fruit notes of wild berries and black plum. A hint of pennyroyal underpinned by aromas of violets, cedar, sweet tobacco and saddle leather support the fine grain tannins, slowly unlocking the secrets within, this wine displays tremendous structure and sustained length.

A fantastic wine, that elevates slow roasted lamb shoulder with fresh mint topping, Flank steak and tamarind stir-fry, Porcini mushroom risotto, Old fashioned beef stew, Grilled rib steak on vine shoots barbecue

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