Twelfth Hour Distillery Dry Gin 43% 700ml

Twelfth Hour Distillery Dry Gin 43% 700ml

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Twelfth Hour Distillery was born from our desire to fuse fresh, tantalizing, exotic botanicals from around the globe with premium New Zealand gin. Small batch distillation ensures handcrafted premium quality every time. 

After 22 iterations uniting global botanicals with the powerful makrut (kaffir lime) Twelfth Hour Dry Gin has a clean, crisp aroma on the nose.  An initial hit of makrut on the tongue leads into a long dry finish that sees the revitalizing taste linger on the palette.  A punchy gin prefect for summer but made to enjoy all year round.  Team with your favourite tonic then immerse a bruised makrut leaf to enhance the lead botanical or garnish with a ribbon of cucumber for a refreshing twist.

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