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During his time in Scotland, Charles Edward Stuart would carry with him a mysterious draught, from which he would drink a few drops every day. Nobody knew for certain what this formula was; only that it had been created by the Royal Apothecary. The apothecary would have imbued the drink with protective properties. He must have chosen Cloves - a dried flower bud of an Indonesian tree. This aromatic spice is still used for its powerful analgesic properties. Only the most prized spices would have been used. Many are convinced that saffron was the main ingredient. Not only was it renowned for its medical and sedative properties, but it would also have given the drink its rich golden colour. The secret selection of herbs, spices and Scottish heather honey is then infused by hand into the Scotch whisky base. Malts from the Speyside andHighland regions, renowned for their softness and smoothness, are used to complement the herbs and spices of the elixir. A unique highland spirit royal in appearance, exquisite in taste and deliciously potent. Source: drambuie.com 

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