Ardbeg Heavy Vapours 46% 700ml

Ardbeg Heavy Vapours 46% 700ml

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In the universe of Planet Ardbeg, the legendary purifier on the still
responsible for Ardbeg's exalted balance has disappeared! Mysterious forces are rising at the Distillery.

The balance of Ardbeg has been disrupted and an ominous dram
Ardbeg Heavy Vapours is the consequence?

With SMOKY surges of bittersweetness and CLOUDS of dark chocolate and
eucalyptus, ARDBEG HEAVY VAPOURS is an ominous dram of dramatic,
AROMATIC pungency.

This Planet Ardbeg Day, new and existing committee members are invited to step
into Planet Ardbeg and join Agent 46 to solve the mystery of the missing purifier,
helping to restore the balance before it?s too late.

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