Coney Wines Rallentando Martinborough Riesling 2021

Coney Wines Rallentando Martinborough Riesling 2021

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Tim and Margaret Coney founded Coney Wines on a 16-acre bare paddock in Martinborough more than 25 years ago. Not without much encouragement, the old barren sheep paddock quickly turned into a thriving 24/7 bustle of vine-tending, winemaking, marketing and restauranteuring. With each operation undertaken in the hallowed, self-flagellating Martinborough tradition - by manual labour!

The aim and guiding principles continue today with the ownership mantle of Coney Wines passed to long-time winemaker and daughter Lisa, and son-in-law Rusty in 2022. The Coney legacy of a small family-owned winery producing a range of beautiful wines that go perfectly with food, family and friends remains in place!

This is a sumptuously dry Riesling with around 5 g/l of residual sugar and real depth and character made entirely with fruit from the local Martinborough five and a half hectare site.

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