Emersons Bookbinder 500ml

Emersons Bookbinder 500ml

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The benchmark session beer from Dunedin's iconic Emerson's brewery. Fruity melon and citrus hop aromas and flavours are backed up by toasty malt in a package that's big on flavour while being moderate in alcohol.  A BBQ classic.  A wonderfully drinkable interpretation of a classic English ale style. 

Bookbinder bitter is brewed with a blend of four malts, and a combination of two classic Nelson grown European hops (Fuggles and Saaz). The beer pours an attractive reddish brown. Bookbinder Bitter has a sweet perfumy malt and hop aroma with soft malty fruit and vinous palate that is both full flavoured and refreshing.  The beer's long, gently drying finish will leave you craving more.  

3.7% ABV.

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