Green Spot Pot Still Irish Whiskey 40% 700ml

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Nose: The immediate nose in this unique Irish Whiskey is how thick the aroma is.; This pot still Irish whiskey hints at being much more mature than it's 8 years, you might say this whiskey is an "old soul" thanks to the lovely dustiness and the breath of sherry.; There are subtitle hints of the bourbon wood floating through the nose, but it's masked by the clear vapor of menthol and malt.

Taste: Full bodied, sweet and rich from start to finish.; This is soon blended with a favorable spice, yet all this is balanced keeping Green Spot whiskey soft on the tongue while still punching the taste buds with the hard evidence of the pure pot still malt. If this sounds schizophrenic, it's not, it's just a very complex and complete Irish Whiskey. 

Finish: The finish on this whiskey is expectedly long, and malted, and you inhale you can't help but notice the sweet almost honey like feel mixed with a bourbon spice. the very last impression you are left with is the cooling menthol that was picked up in the nose. source -

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