Isbjorn Pilsner Low Carb 500ml

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Beer Isbjorn Pilsner LOW CARB Mack 4.5% 500m

Low Gluten, Low Sugar, Low Carb! Tasting Notes: Isbj?rn LOW CARB is brewed from a recipe containing less malt than the original Isbj?rn, resulting in a beer with less calories. It has 70 % less carbohydrates and 30 % less sugar than Isbj?rn, but has the same good taste. This is a pale, refreshing pilsner beer with a pleasant, characteristic hoppy flavor. Isbj?rn is the perfect companion to grilled meat dishes, and a fantastic thirst quencher on a hot summer day. Also this beer has less than 10ppm of Gluten.

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