Libiamo White Field Blend Gisborne 2021

Libiamo White Field Blend Gisborne 2021

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A skin fermented field blend using the classic combination of Viognier, Marsanne and Muscat. Picked by hand, fermented and aged on skins for 200 days, aged in the Millton cellars and bottled on the property.

This wine is rich and sensual with an adoring complexity. It is cloudy from natural sediments and soft yet drying to the taste. It smells very clearly of its origins in terms of place and fruit. An exciting, lifted nose with cardamom spice, white stonefruit and tropical muscat floral notes. Complex in structure, with a gentle phenolic tension and underlying salinity. Once opened, this wine will last, even improve, for a number of days afterwards, so take your time, savour and drink in moderation, with love and gratitude, but always remember to keep another bottle handy!

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