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Tempranillo is the king and queen of Spanish grape varieties with over 206,000 hectares in that country’s entire vineyard area, making it the most planted red grape variety and the second most overall after the little known white Spanish grape called Airen. 

This tasty and super affordable, dry Spanish red is made from organically certified vineyards in Uclés in Castile, Spain, where the vines are grown as part of an integrated ecosystem, along with old oak trees. This region's continental climate provides hot sunny days and cool nights, which provide favourable ripening conditions for the Tempranillo grape. 

The grapes in this wine are harvested in the cool of night and early morning, given a light crush and fermented in stainless steel to preserve fruit freshness. Maceration is typically eight to 10 days and no oak is used in the winemaking, so the fruit is hero in this smooth, medium bodied red. 

The name Tempranillo comes from the Spanish word temprano, which means early. It’s apt. Tempranillo is an early grape to bud in spring and it ripens early in autumn. Along with its big bunches of small, thick skinned grapes and relatively big yields (that’s means it provides a lot of grapes to harvest and make wine from), it’s a successful grape to grow. As for the taste, Tempranillo’s character tends to be soft, smooth, bright and fruity. What’s not to love? There’s

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