Sprig & Fern Brewery Norty Choc Porter 440ml

Sprig & Fern Brewery Norty Choc Porter 440ml

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Norty Porter is everything you want in a winter beer? or any time you?re craving something rich, chocolatey and dessert-like!

Sprig + Fern Brewing Co.?s Norty Porter is brewed with a combination of five speciality malts, with the addition of cacao nibs bringing a luscious chocolate aromatic and flavour. This creamy chocolate beer is smooth and silky, right to the last drop.

But don?t take our word for it ? this beer picked up a TOP 30 medal win in the 2023 New World Beer & Cider Awards, with the judges calling it ?the liquid form of a chocolate mousse? and going on to encourage drinkers to ?forget any notions you might have of dark beers being too heavy or charry-bitter; this is elegant, feather-light and smooth ? and a wonderful chocolate delivery mechanism?. It also picked up a silver medal in the Australian International Beer Awards.

It?s indulgent, it?s dark, and it?s a little bit ?norty?!

ABV 5.0%

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