Vander Ghinste Brut Nature 2023 750ml

Vander Ghinste Brut Nature 2023 750ml

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Brut Nature is a copper-colored ' Brut Style ' beer. The term Brut originally comes from the Champagne world and is used to refer to dry champagnes. Brut Nature is a top fermentation beer, refermented in the bottle with a  wild yeast . This wild yeast makes Brut Nature ' lively ' and ensures a  pleasantly dry  beer with a low sugar content. Brut Nature is a beer that evolves in the bottle and can  be kept for up to 5 years . The use of dry hopping with Belgian hops emphasizes the fruity and spicy character of the 5 hop varieties . The result is a dry, mildly bitter beer with a pleasant aftertaste.

The different fermentation stages, top fermentation and refermentation in the bottle with wild yeast require a brewing process of at least 3 months.

7% ABV

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