Forrest The Doctors' Riesling Lower Alcohol 2021/2022

Forrest The Doctors' Riesling Lower Alcohol 2021/2022

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Riesling is the greatest lower alcohol wine because it has more flavour than most grape varieties which lends itself to higher intensity of taste, balanced by naturally high acidity for freshness. Flavours here span the gamut of freshly picked apples, lemon sherbert and crisp lime juice in a refreshing, lower alcohol Riesling with its 9% ABV. This wine has a beautiful balance of flavour, natural acidity and great length with a long finish. This wine is a great way of enjoying a glass or two, without feeling the same impact of the same amount of wine with more typical alcohol levels of over 12% ABV.

The aim of the game here was to create a lower alcohol wine naturally without doctoring it, if you'll excuse the pun, by removing alcohol. The Riesling grapes in The Doctors' Riesling were fermented to a medium sweet level so that natural grape sugar is retained and the alcohol remains lower than usual. 

Winemakers John and Beth Forrest (a father-daughter team) strike an excellent balance between fruity sweetness and bright acidity in this tasty wine.

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